It is my pleasure to carryout the mammoth task of developing this web interface for the NGO representatives in Munshiganj. District Administration Munshiganj had a traditional interaction system with the NGO activists in the district. Like other district, It only used to hold a monthly meeting with the NGO representatives. But, I believe, this interactive portal will bring a substantial change regarding communication, coordination and monitoring with the  NGOs’ working in the district by the District Administration.

When Deputy Commissioner, Munshiganj instructed me to develop this web portal, I had only Kushtia and Faridpur district NGO portal to browse as instances. But, I forwarded as a fresher and incorporated many new features here, which make this portal interactive and multidimensional. Along with the NGOs’ profile and activities, this portal has event enlisting page, blogging interface, Notice publishing, unlimited photo sharing by the NGO representatives, Facebook commenting, liking and sharing features etc.

Initially, Mr. Md. Abdullah, Assistant Programmer, Munshiganj assist me by selecting the developer for the site but later I had to work alone and it was really challenging. I had to work vehemently to contact with the developer, continuous negotiation with the developer for various features integration, capturing photos for the banner, Colour Combination of the site, features of the site, integration of the site with different social networking sites like facebook, training of the NGO representatives, username and password distribution, writing and editing all notes and features of the site and many more.

I think, both the District Administration and NGOs working in the district will be immensely benefited from this site to work together for the coordinated development of the district. Since, it is an interactive site, daily update through notices, events, blog posts and comments will make this site live.

16th June 2016
Assistant Commissioner
Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Munshiganj.