Improved socioeconomic status of rural vulnerable and underprivileged poor people.


  • Reduction and eventual elimination of poverty
  • Ensure provision of fundamental needs of the rural poor
  • Empowerment and enhancement of women capacity to promote an equal and legal society
  • Aware and sensitize marginal people to their basic rights, so that they can identify their own problems and take initiatives to solve in the process of local resources mobilization.


To implement a sustainable need based & right based approach through the active participation of the community people. With the devoted and skilled staff and maintaining a close collaboration with local NBD’s, Like minded people, Civil Society and Donors ARAM Foundation wants to positive changes in the lives of disaster prone people undertaking various development themes.


To ensure a Gender balanced development society.




ARAM Foundation was established in the year 2001 as a non government organization. It started its journey with a view to take development initiatives for the vulnerable community under Munshigonj district. ARAM Foundation is the ultimate consequence of synergistic and conceited efforts of some self-devoted young social initiators from various academic disciplines.

ARAM Foundation at present installing its drives in the institutional dynamics since its inceptions prioritizing right based approach considering Child rights, community led process, IGA, WATSAN, Advocacy & Networking, civility promotion to the tribal communities, disaster preparedness and social awareness campaign.. It is well ahead as an NGO, non-political, non-benefited, voluntary and humanitarian organization with multi dimensional development initiatives for the community with special emphasis to the lack behind people of the society. ARAM Foundation implements demand driven and responsive programs for the disadvantaged community of Munshigonj comprising of marginal farmers, landless, asset less families poor women and children and the distressed people who suffers most due to natural disaster and who lack behind from the different aspects.

ARAM Foundation wants to promote cultural diversity through promotion of human rights, social and economic security, conflict resolution, gender & equity, adolescent education and early childhood development education, services from LGI’s, self-employment creation for women etc. Its major endeavors are to empower the socially and economically disadvantaged and vulnerable people through enhancing their capacities so that they could address their problems in an effective and sustainable way. ARAM Foundation applies right-based approaches in its programs to address the issues of social and human condition of the poor and marginalized. It supports rural underprivileged people (particularly women and children) on legal issues such as dowry, divorce and cultural complexity.

Contact Person : Md. Al Amin Bhuiyan – Executive Director 01714-094287, 01675-816220 (mobile)

Address: Head Office; College Road, Bhaberchar, Gazaria, Munshigonj.


Registration Authority Registration No. Date
Joint Stock Companies & firms, S-2546(139)/01, 22-03-2001
Directorate of Social Welfare, M-0272 01-03-2004
Micro credit Regulatory Authority 01471-04261-00106 15-01-2008

Organizational Structure (Organogram):

NOTE: GC= General Council, EC-Executive Committee, ED-Executive Director, PD-Project Director, RM-Regional Manager, BM-Branch Manager, M & E-Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, AA-Asst. Accountant.

More Details


ARAM Foundation is executed by its executive committee consisting nine members who are the most powerful to take any decision and elected by the direct vote of the general members.

Sl. # Name Position Profession Address
i. Md. Ibrahim Khalil (Ferdaws) President Business Vill: Viti Kandi, PO: Bhaberchar, Upazila: Gazaria, Dist: Munshigonj
ii. Md. Mominur Rahman Vice President Business Vill: Paikhar par, PO: Bhaber Char, Upazila: Gazaria, Dist: Munshigonj
iii. Md. Al -Amin Bhuiyan Executive Director Service Vill: Alipura,PO: Bhaberchar, Upazila: Gazaria, Dist: Munshigonj
iv. Md. Abul Kashem mirdah Asst.Gen. Secretary Service Vill: Parachak Bausia, PO: Bausia, Upazila: Gazaria, Dist: Munshigonj
v. Md. Nazmul Hossen Sharkar Treasurer Business Vill: Char Pathalia, PO: Bhaberchar, Upazila: Gazaria, Dist: Munshigonj
vi. Md. Yaqub Ali Mollah Asst. Treasurer Service Vill: 7 Kahnia,PO: Bhaberchar, Upazila: Gazaria, Dist: Munshigonj
vii. Md. Omar Faruk Executive Member Service Vill: Pusta Bausia, PO: Bausia, Upazila: Gazaria, Dist: Munshigonj
viii. Mrs. Khadiza Akter Executive Member Service Abdullahpur, Uttara, Dhaka
ix. Mrs. Eava Akter Executive Member Service Vill: Tangerchar, PO: Uttar Shahapur, Upazila: Gazaria, Dist: Munshigonj


At Present ARAM Foundation has been operating its different programs/projects under 4 different locations of Munshigonj and one location at Tongi of Gazipur district implementing Let Children Speak ( LCS ) Program.


ARAM Foundation has been operating multi-faceted development programs with a view to uplifting socioeconomic condition of the poor and disadvantaged people. The development programs are; Education and Training program, People organization building program, Production & Income generation, Health & Sanitation Program, Agriculture and Environment program, Women & Child Development Program, Disaster Preparedness program etc. Cross cutting issue of those programs are gender, equity, good governance and human rights.


Advocacy & sensitization program, Advocacy on human rights, child rights, tribal rights, WATSAN Program, HIV/AIDS/STD prevention program, Skill development training, Awareness development upon Women & Child track ting. Establish linkages with GO/NGO/INGO/Donors, Seasonal IGA, Establish training & resource center for the Tribal communities, Advocacy to Khas land distribution among landless/asset less people, PHC program, Self-Employment, Technical & humanitarian Assistance and other Socio economic development activities for the vulnerable community people.


Meanwhile ARAM Foundation has developed its partnership with the following Donors/Implementing agencies to improve common values of the communities and institution capacity buildings.


It has a nine member executive committee for take decision and follow up day by day activities . Moreover, it has more than two sub committees. Although ARAM Foundation is a local but PKSF funded NGO, it has a constructive management system. ARAM Foundation applies its internal policy, recruitment, Audit & accounts and other supportive activities through a 3 member’s management team. If any problem arises or need to take decision, management completely responsible to do the affairs. In that case ARAM Foundation follows the team building approaches.


Close supervision & monitoring, regular field visit, frequent reporting and documentations are following to ensure significant achievement of the program. Monthly staff meeting with the Field workers is held, where as need based meeting/ orientation is a must. ARAM Foundation higher team is reviewing the progress and preparing individual action plan, accordingly report is required. Every staffs is accountable and reportable to his/her immediate supervisor. At the end of month every staff prepare monthly report with presentation. Based on the presentation necessary feedback is provided in a participatory learning process. ARAM Foundation believes that with this process the organization is running to its right track. ARAM Foundation regularly put out its monthly report on respective project indicating achievement and impact of various components maintaining quarterly, half yearly and yearly program and financial report sharing with all concerned.


ARAM Foundation operating its Mother accounts in Pubali Bank Ltd. under Bhaberchar Branch, Gazaria, Munshigonj, with joint signatory process by the Chairman, Executive Director and Accounts Officer. Any two of the signatory can draw money from the bank; in that case Executive Director’s signature is a must. ARAM Foundation always maintains standard accounting principles. The representative of donor or respective Chartered Accounts firm audits the accounts after completion of a financial year. Besides, the internal audit is regularly maintained as per the requirements of Executive Committee.


ARAM Foundation follows the bottom up approach from its inception. All staffs are respectful with each other. Dear Brother/Sister is addressed organizationally. In this system, every staff feels free to know and interested to work dynamically. As, it is a learning process, so any one can express his/her opinion freely. ARAM Foundation also trying to prepare staff appraisal to evaluate & reward one staff transparently. Besides, ARAM Foundation observes national & international days and events, especially arranges Human Rights day, Child Rights Week, International Women day, Independence day, victory day, International Mother Language day and takes elaborate programs through discussion, rally, human chain, colorful procession etc following the days as well.

(Md. Al-Amin Bhuiyan)

Executive Director