About EC Bangladesh

In terms of global population density Bangladesh is one of the highest ranking countries in the world accompanied with poor socioeconomic conditions, acute malnutrition, low literacy rate and very high population growth rate which triggers the country towards severe poverty and dreadful environmental crisis. A group of young and energetic students with innovative mind realized its consequences and came forward to put their efforts together to contribute to development of the poor and destitute people and to reduce the poverty and environmental impact from local level to national level. Keeping this notion in their mind this group of students established Environment Council Bangladesh as a non-profit and non-political voluntary development organization in February 28, 1994.



A social and economic environment where everyone can thrive for sustainable development


The mission of EC Bangladesh is to increase livelihood capabilities and opportunities of poor, increase access to education, health related awareness and services, and knowledge on human rights.


  • Increased livelihood capabilities and opportunities.
  • Increased access to education.
  • Increased health related awareness and services.
  • Increased awareness on human rights.
Project Details/Activities

On-going Programs of EC Bangladesh


Project Title: Microfinance Program

Background: Considering the limitations of exiting financial institutions, EC Bangladesh lunched its Micro-Credit program to serve the poor and landless people back in July 2002. After end of two years from early beginning, the program achieved a good number of recognition in the community. And getting partnership with Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) in 2004, EC Bangladesh started running through the way to milestone in a sustainable manner. Now the organization stands in the right position being acquired high profile managerial capacity along with good number of human resources and financial ground. EC Bangladesh always prefers a familiar micro credit system with a view to extend all of microfinance relevant services to its glorious borrower.

Project Area: Dhaka, Gazipur, Narayanganj, Munshiganj, Comilla

Number of Beneficiaries: 33482

Objectives of micro credit program:

  • 1. To develop the financial capability of the beneficiaries under working area.
  • 2. To strengthen and increase the social status of the beneficiaries.
  • 3. To remove poverty level of the society.
  • 4. To ensure the women empowerment.
  • 5. To make beneficiaries skill worker through different types of IGA training.
  • 6. Create an employment opportunity for the society people.
  • 7. To develop the entrepreneurship.

Types of Loan under micro-credit program:

  • 1. Rural Micro Credit (RMC)
  • 2. Micro Enterprise (ME)
  • 3. Urban Micro Credit (UMC)
  • 4. Ultra poor Program (UP)
  • 5. Livelihood Rehabilitation Program (LRP)
  • 6. Digester Management Loan (DML)
  • 7. Seasonal Loan


Project Title: Classroom Library for Government and Registered Primary School

The Classroom library for government and registered primary school Project aims to improve the Children of the identified 125 schools in Brahmanbaria district their literacy skills, reading habit, and are provided with increased reading opportunities by enriching their learning processes and environment.

Goal: Promote literacy and the habit of reading in children.

Funded by: Room to Read

Project Area: Selected Govt. and Registered non-govt. primary schools at Brahmanbaria Sadar and Bijoynagar Upazilla of Brahmanbaria District.

Target Group: All students, teachers and school management committees of selected 125 primary schools, parents, other local stakeholders, students of other schools, concerned officials and influential persons involved in the process.

Number of Beneficiaries: 65,000

Major Activities:

  • Books and Educational Materials supply to ‘Classroom Libraries’
  • Infrastructure/Furniture Support to install ‘Classroom Library’
  • Training of Teachers
  • Reading Promotion Activities (e.g. Weekly Reading Hours, Book Lending, Free reading scopes, Language workshop, wall magazine, Reading games, Reading festival, etc.)
  • Orientation of Stakeholders
  • Networking with government


Project Title: Early Childhood Development (ECD) and After School (ASP) for Slum Children Project

Goal: Promote Education for Slum Children and Enhance Livelihood through Family Education.

Funded by: INCLUDED

Project Area: Agargaon BNP Slum in Dhaka District

Target Group: Slum Children and their Parents

Number of Beneficiaries: 1570

Major Activities:

  • Facilitate Early Childhood Development Education
  • Support Slum Children After School
  • Facilitate Family Education for the Parents of Children
  • Provide with Food and Material to ECD Children
  • Community Mobilization


Project Title: Promoting the Rights of Marginalized Fishing Community and Improving Livelihood through Increased Access towards Resources and Facilities

Goal: The project aims to develop the livelihood through promoting and protecting the rights of marginalized fisher folk

Funded by: Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)

Project Area: Kotalipara and Tungippara Upazila under Gopalganj District

Target Group: Fishing Community

Number of Beneficiaries: 13498

Major Activities:

  • Strengthening Fisher Organization and Raise Awareness
  • Promoting Participation at Social and Political Decision Making Process
  • Capacity Building of Fisher Organization Members
  • Capacity Building of Local Civil Society Members and Village Leaders
  • Aware Local Level duty bearers
  • Promote Livelihood Security Opportunities for Fishers Community
  • Campaign and social mobilization on Violence against Women


Project Title: Advocating for Strengthening and Proper Implementation of Law for Effective Enforcement of Direct and Indirect Advertising Bans in Bangladesh Project

Funded by: Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids (CTFK)

Project Area: National Level

Target Group: Children, Youth, Students, Women, Mass People, Family members, friend’s circles and neighbors of primary beneficiaries, Government institutional representatives, BI grantees representatives, World Health Organization and other civil society organizations representatives; Electronic Media People, Print Media and Social communication media People, Tobacco Companies etc.

Number of Beneficiaries: 50,000

Major Activities:

Advocacy and Social Mobilization, Develop communication materials, Campaign, Investigate at different forms of ongoing advertisement, promotion, and sponsorship of tobacco in Bangladesh, Meeting with BI Grantees, Lobbying meeting with FCTC, Group and one on one meeting, TV Talk show, Engage opinion makers, Workshop with a core tobacco control group, Roundtable discussion, Workshop at national level stakeholders, Framework development, Develop compliance monitoring tool for monitoring TAPS situation in Bangladesh, Radio program development and broadcasting, Campaign through social media etc.


– Enactment of the amendment of the 2005 law with FCTC compliant provisions in TAPS and Issuance of effective implementing regulation by concerned authorities in a timely manner.

– Developed a framework for implementation of TAPS ban.


Project Title: Enhancing Governance and Capacity of Service Providers and Civil Society in Water Supply and Sanitation Sector

Goal: Providing safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in programme areas.

Funded by: European Union, NGO Forum

Project Area: Gazaria Upaziila under Munshiganj District

Target Group: Poor Community

Number of Beneficiaries: 143,720

Major Activities:

  • Village Development Committee (VDC) Meeting
  • House hold Survey
  • Tube well Support
  • Training On Water Quality Test
  • Village Sanitation Center Loan
  • Training On Trainer of Sustainable WatSan
  • National Sanitation Month Calibrate
  • Training On Communication & Facilitation


Project Title: Radio Bikrampur 99.2 FM for Social Transformation

Goal: Ensure Participation of Community People for Social Transformation through Information and Entertainment.

Funded by: EC Bangladesh, Japan Embassy

Project Area: Munshigonj District

Main Target Group: Farmers, Fisher Community, Bedy Community, Women and Children, Adolescent and all other community people

Listeners: 500,000 (approx.)

Some of our broadcast contents:

  • Amar Shastho (My Health)
  • Jago go Vogini (Raise up women Voice)
  • Projuktir Choa (Touch of Technology)
  • Krishitathya (Agriculture Information)
  • Friend Circle
  • Amar Bikrampur (My District)
  • Amar Campus (My Campus)
  • Ichche Puron (Fill up expectation)
  • Unplugged Show
  • Sonali Diner Gan (Song of Old Generation)
  • Kobitar Khata (Book of Poem)
  • Amader Katha (our speech)
  • Hat-ti-ma-tim (Child Education)
  • Khelar Math (Field of Games)
  • Hit Gan (Top favorite song)


  • We have 500 listeners groups in broadcasting area. Each group has 30 members who are listening to the radio and enjoying regularly entertainment and getting socio-economic and cultural information.
  • People are getting information on climate and natural disaster
  • People are aware of Social Superstation such as dowry, early marriage, polygamy, divorce, domestic violence etc.
  • Most of the listeners of our radio are young adolescent boys and girls. We are getting regularly SMS from this group of people. The Secondary high school and higher secondary school going adolescents are also our target group. We are organizing them to listen to our radio. More than 6000 adolescent boys and girls who listen to the radio and who are being aware of their reproductive health and other rights.
  • Mass people are becoming aware of family health, nutrition and hygiene
  • Farmers are getting information on modern technology and they are using in their profession
  • People who are underprivileged such as fishing community, bedey community becoming aware of their rights and they are claiming to Government and non-government institution.
  • Local traditional song, culture are being introduced to the new generation
  • Young people are aware of HIV/AIDs and harmful side of abuse of drugs
  • People are being aware of right to education, health, nutrition, harmful side of tobacco use
  • People are becoming aware of women right and the violation are decreasing
More Details

Other Information:

Name of Organization : Environment Council Bangladesh
Acronym of Organization : EC Bangladesh
Date of Establishment : February 28, 1994
Year of Commencement : 1998
Address : House-67, Block – KA
Piciculture Housing Society, Shyamoli, Dhaka – 1207
Phone : Phone: 9120040, 9125028, Mobile: 01678701473
Email : info@ecbangladesh.org
Web site : www.ecbangladesh.org www.radiobikrampur.fm

Legal Status of EC Bangladesh

Registration Authority Registration Number
Directorate of Social Services Dha – 03066
NGO Affairs Bureau 952
Microcredit Regulatory Authority 00350-01308-00086
Directorate of Youth Development Jouoao/Munshiganj Sadar-60/Munshi-160

Human Resources

Category of Staff Male Female Total
Regular Staff 206 118 324
Project Staff 38 16 54
Volunteer 26 41 67
Total 270 175 445

Development Partners

National International
Ministry of Labor and Employment World Bank
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare UNDP
Ministry of Primary and Mass Education UNICEF
Ministry of Information UNOPS
Bureau Health Education Directorate General of Health Services Japan Embassy
Bureau of Non-Formal Education (BNFE) OXFAM
Directorate of Non Formal Education (DNFE) European Union
Directorate of Social Welfare Save the Children
Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids (CTFK)
Department of Women Affairs (DWA) World View International – International Health Care Center (WI-IHCC)
Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) IDOSYNC
Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) Room to Read
Campaign for Popular Education (CAMPE)
Operation Generation
Mass Line Media Center (MMC)
Arannayk Foundation
Modern Herbal Research Garden
Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.
IFIC Bank Ltd.
Basic Bank Ltd.
Mercantile Bank Ltd.
Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd.
Standard Bank Ltd.
NRB Commercial Bank Ltd.

Member of Different Forum/Network

Name of Forum / Network
Federation of NGO’s in Bangladesh (FNB)
Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB)
Micro Credit Summit
Credit and Development Forum (CDF)
STI/AIDS Network of Bangladesh
Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF)
Coordinating Council for Human Rights in Bangladesh (CCHRB)
Civil Society Alliance for Scaling Up Nutrition, Bangladesh (CSA for SUN, BD)
Aging Resource Center Bangladesh (ARC-B)
Bangladesh Early Childhood Development (ECD)

Advisory Committee

SL No Name Profession
1 Md Ataharul Islam Former Secretary
2 Dr. A.S.M Associate Professor
3 Atikur Rahman Social Welfare & Research Institute, D.U.
4 Dr. Anisul Awwal Joint Secretary (Nutrition Specialist)
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
5 Mr. Abdul Awal Executive Director
Credit and Development Forum (CDF)

Executive Committee

SL No Name Position Profession
1 M. Azizur Rahman Chairperson Former Secretary & Chief Information Commissioner (State Minister status) of Information Commission.
2 Md. Shajahan Gazi Vice Chairperson Service
3 Mr. S.M. Mahedi Hasan Secretary General Service
4 Md. Nur-e-Alam Secretary (Finance) Business
5 Mr. Tarikul Islam Executive Member Service
6 Mrs. Salina Akther Executive Member Business
7 Mrs. Saleha Iqbal Executive Member Service

Area of Expertise of EC Bangladesh

EC Bangladesh, being a development organization, has targeted on several aspects for ensuring proper and guided development of the society both urban and rural community in Bangladesh. Areas of expertise and the major services provided by EC Bangladesh towards the community people include but not limited to the following:

Issue Expertise
Income Generating Activities (IGA), Livelihood Development & Women Empowerment Expert for operating micro finance, Community mobilization, asset transfer, training, Monitoring & Evaluation
Health & Nutrition Community Mobilization, Research, Referral capacity, Monitoring & Evaluation
Water & Sanitation Community Lead Total Sanitation (CLTS), Community Mobilization, Asset transfer, training, Hardware Installation
Tobacco Control Research, Advocacy, Community Mobilization, Policy implication, media campaign, training, Monitoring & Evaluation
Work with Marginal Community Human Rights, Policy Advocacy, Community Mobilization, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation
Local Govt. Capacity Building & Training
Education Popular Education, Monitoring & Evaluation, Expert to operate civil work (school building)
Environment, Climate Change & Disaster Management Capacity to prepare climate adaptive livelihood plan, Emergency distribution & management capacity of relief, training and capacity building, community mobilization
Media & Community Radio Technically sound to prepare & broadcast audio program, Community Mobilization, communication, Investigative Report