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Information of mayer seba sanghtsa

1.Mayer Seba Sanghtsa ( mss), logo


Mailing Address:

Kot Gaon (Nimtola, Sirajdikhan upazila road)

Post: Shikarpur, Nimtola

Upazila: Sirajdikhan

Zila: Munshiganj

Mo: 01712264330


2.Resonal Office: None .

3.Managing Director: Dr. Alam Mir

Designation: Managing Director

4.Goal of Organization: Unity, Honesty, Discipline, nationality, religion, color, different class and occupational people organize through socio-economic development. To increase awareness and empowerment of women and involves them in sustainable developing works.

5.Objectives of Organization: The objectives of MSS are to increase the awareness and improve the quality of lives from various social problems like dowry, divorce, women torture, drug, mother and child health etc by providing training, seminar, rally and to establish a free clinic.

6. Current Projectst Free computer training, free mother and child health care programs, tree plantation and human rights programs.

7. Associate Organization t Bangladesh NGO Foundation, Social service department , Ngo Forum, Bamashop and local fund.

8.Working Arest Munshiganj zila, present programs running in sreenagar and sirajdikhan upazila.

9. manpower: 9 person(male-4, female-5)

10. Total amount of allotment in this zila: 4,60,000/-

11.Registration no t gy-224,Date: 29/12/2001 from Social service department