A non-government organization working based in Dhaka and Munshigonj was initiated by a group of social workers in 1996. Being the witness of the area since decades during which the area has experienced massive environmental degradation along the Ganges linked with socio-economic setbacks, they felt tempted to work for the affected people. Most of the people living in the rural areas are very poor. Having lost all property and means of livelihood to river erosion, thousands of families have become destitute. They live in makeshift huts in the form of slums by the roadsides. Having no job opportunities or source of income, these families suffer hunger, malnutrition, illness etc. With the help of Scotland Flood Victim Appeal Fund, our organization undertook a rehabilitation project, which included resettlement and employment generation. With the help of social welfare Directorate of the Government of Bangladesh and other sources Onneyshan provided skill training to the beneficiaries for income generating activities. Onneyshan provided micro credit so that the trains could engage themselves in generating income through sewing machines, poultry farming, packet, or paper bag making etc. The organization desires to achieve holistic development of the poor, of the people who are affected by river erosion or are in danger of being affected by that also the organization is dedicated to empowering women, the most impoverished and deprived group in our society. ONNEYSHAN intends to work together with government agencies (social welfare dept.) and other complementary development organizations. Over the years the organization has expanded it’s activity into urban areas, specifically urban slums of Dhaka city. Through sanitation and water projects Onneyshan has helped to improve the health and environmental condition of slums like Gudarghat and Lalmath Basti in Mirpur. Onneyshan has been working on LIFE/UNDP projects since 2002 in a couple of phases. Presently Onneyshan is working on human rights project partnered with Manusher Jonno Foundation-CARE & BLAST Onneyshan hopes that the project will assist in increasing the claimant capacity and raising critical awareness on human rights of urban poor specially targeting women and children. Onneyshan also runs a micro-credit program on a small scale, which helps in providing employment-generating activities.


Through its activities Onneyshan has come to realize that a holistic approach is needed to alleviate poverty and to ensure that the marginalized people specially women can live a life of human dignity. Onneyshan has worked by providing both material support and using rights based approach. Onneyshan believes that for women in Bangladesh to be able to live a life of human dignity enjoying all the rights and entitlement afforded to them as equal citizens of the country, they must have the ability and capacity to raise their voice and claim those rights and entitlements. So, awareness building on rights and gender issues is of primary concern, next comes the building of ability and capacity and reinforcement of their self worth by making them financially contributing members of their families. Onneyshan has worked on various projects. such as water sanitation program funded by LIFE-UNDP, Ten Dollar Club, USA. Rehabilitation project (Onneyshan Polli) in Munshiganj, funded by voluntary donations. It is currently working on raising awareness on human rights of women and children living in city slums partnered with Manusher Jonno Foundation. From August 2013 to December 2016 dated ONNEYSHAN is implementing the project title Improvement of Livelihood Condition Through Access to Khasland and Water Bodies by Landless People. It also runs pre-school for slum children and adult literacy centers assisted by Manusher Jonno Foundation. Onneyshan runs non- formal primary education schools in Munshigonj assisted by BRAC. This school is attended by children of the locality and from Chars and Haor areas, where Onneyshan has been active in providing support through awareness building about health-Hygiene, Rights, and alternative skills to generate income. Onneyshan also runs a small micro-credit program for women. The credit is to be utilized by women who have undergone all awareness building programs and wish to engage in income generating activity personally. Onneyshan is also facilitating training programs for women to develop entrepreneurial capacity and engage in income generating ventures. Onneyshan’s working area at present are Dhaka and Munshigonj. Onneyshan is registered with Social Welfare Department and NGO Affairs Bureau of the Government of Bangladesh.
Currently a few significant projects are being implemented by Onneyshan. They are as follows:

  • a) 3rd phase of Campaign for raising critical awareness on human rights of the urban poor especially targeting women and children project funded by Manusher Jonno Foundation. Key objective of the project remains establishment of the rights of the women and children of informal settlements and slums through advocacy campaign. As such the project started in 2004 and successfully completion of the 3rd phase an extension of another 15 months awarded which ends in March 2013. In order to empowering and realizing rights and entitlements of the urban poor women a massive advocacy strategy has been chalked out. In favor of rights of the women and children policy change has no alternative. In view of the current socio political situation of the country several important policy studies commissioned by Onneyshan. Dialogues, bi-partite, tri-partite discussion meetings, national level seminars, and conference were organized to put pressure on policy makers to adopt new policy in favor of women and children. A social movement involving all stakeholders including media is in progress.
  • b) From August 2013 to December 2016 dated ONNEYSHAN is implementing the project title Improvement of Livelihood Condition Through Access to Khasland and Water Bodies by Landless People. It also runs pre-school for slum children and adult literacy centers assisted by Manusher Jonno Foundation,DFID. By the project Onneyshan listed by base line survey 2000 landless people in six Union as Kumervog, Kanaksar, Louhajong-Tautia, Bejgaon, Gaudia and Kalma. After identifying the landless people ONNEYSHAN arranged several personal life skill and awareness build up training. The training included the Health and Hyzine,Women’s rights, Land law, Land Rights, Home state gardening ,Duck and hen rearing etc.
  • c) VGD Program of Department of Women Affairs is in implementation in Munshigonj covering 3000 ultra poor women for empowerment. The program consists of awareness trainings, IGA trainings; micro credit supports to start small businesses and mandatory savings. Onneyshan already completed two cycles of VGD program at Chandpur and Haimchar upazilas covering 1800 and 1560 ultra poor women in 2010 and 2011. It is an un-daunting fight by poor women against poverty. Food is a right. Right awareness level of the poor was frustratingly low and now through trainings they are aware of rights and food quantity supplied by government. From March’2015 to Decxember’2016 time line ONNEYSHAN is implementing the VGD program with 2794 ultra poor people in Munshiganj district of Louhajang-773,Munshiganj sader-722 and Gazaria upazila -1299.Onneyshan arranged two types of training they are personal life skill and IGA activities .ONNEYSHAN arrange the training with collaboration with UNO,ULO,WAO and others govt departments.
  • d) Maternity Allowance for lactating mothers Program: Onneyshan has successfully implemented the program at 5 upazilas i.e. Tongibari, Gajaria, Sreenagar, Lohjong, and Sirajdeekhan under Munshigon district. The project provided awareness and life-skill trainings to lactating mothers to bring up and take care of the new born babies. A total of 1200 poor women of aforementioned upazilas were covered by the program. Through different trainings women were made aware of their duty and responsibilities and rights as well.
  • e) Comprehensive Sustainable Rural Livelihoods (CSRL): CSRL is a policy advocacy campaign throughout the country for agricultural reformation involving women at grassroots level. There are 8 geo-ecological zones. Onneyshan is playing important role as member of Beel Campaign group. Onneyshan advocated in favor of Arial Beel to exist as an ecological zone that is home to 1000000 people.
  • f) Women Farmers Group: Women Farmers group is an advocacy campaign to establish rights of the women farmers including rights of the female day labors who are active in agriculture sector and contributing substantially alongside male farmers/ agriculture labors. There exist countless discriminations and irregularities between women and male farmers in accessing advantages offered by government.
  • g) Micro Finance Program: Onneyshan has so far distributed small, medium and large type credits to women entrepreneurs for business development in the poor urban periphery. Most large credit disbursing agencies evade urban poor in their program. As a tool for poverty alleviation and economic empowerment of the women, this credit program is in operation. Up till now around 1200 women were covered. A significant changes found in living standard of urban poor.
  • h) Land rights through Advocacy: A land rights project targeting landless women-led households is under consideration by Manusher Jonno Foundation. MJF has given approval in principle for grounds work and feasibility study of the project. If implemented this intervention land rights of thousands of landless poor will be established alongside widespread advocacy at local level, sub-national level and national level will be required to achieve project goals (proposed).


Onneyshan is registered as NGO with the Development of Social Welfare, No. Dha- 03713 dated November 4, 1996 and NGO Affairs Bureau of Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Registration No. 2297, Dated: December 30, 2007.


Establishing a society based on justice and opportunities for disadvantaged.


Onneyshan intends to promote the socioeconomic status of the distressed and powerless people with special emphasis on women and supporting or exploring and utilizing potentialities.


  • i. This organization is a non-political and social development organization.
  • ii. Proper utilization of available resources of the locality for human resource development and for welfare of the people.
  • iii. To help develop leadership among the neglected and despondent mass through group participation.
  • iv. Organizing poor community in small groups and help improve their standard of life and make them self reliant through income generating programmes.
  • v. Communicate and co-ordinate with Govt. and non Govt. Development organizations with a view to improving human resources.
  • vi. Undertaking suitable programmes to maintain environmental and ecological balance.
  • vii. Adopting necessary measures to ensure basic rights of men like food, shelter, Cloth, Medicare and education.
  • viii. To facilitate growth of community financing capacity and undertake various programmes for poverty alleviation.
  • ix. To adopt appreciate programmes to support gender issues.
  • x. Making all out efforts to increase professional know how and skill of the members of the community based organizations.
  • xi. To express solidarity with the national and international efforts and principles to facilitate appreciate environmental for human rights.
  • xii. To facilitate growth of awareness of human rights and claimant capacity among the slum dwellers specially women and children.


Map showing the working areas of Onneyshan


Source: National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh-2001


Contact Person

Mitali Nusrat Parveen

Executive Director

Office Address:

Hossain Monjil (1st floor), Boro Nowpara,

College Road, Louhajong, Munshigonj.

Telephone – 02-8061659, 01716-778435, 01712-273971

E-mail: onneyshan.louhajong@gmail.com

Website: www.onneyshan.org

More Details


Sl. no Position of work No. of Employees Total
Male Female
1 Top management level 3 4 7
2 Mid management level 12 7 19
3 Trainer 10 8 18
4 Field level staff 18 12 30
Total 44 30 74


SL District Upazila/Thana Union/Ward
1 Dhaka Mirpur 5,8,11,12
2 Munshigong Munshiganj Sadar
3 Chandpur Chandpur Sadar


1996 – ONNEYSHAN Established in November 4, 1996

1997 – PHC camps in Munshiganj supported by Medical Practitioners.

1998 – Income Generating Loan, Japanese Private Grant, 1998.

1999 – Disaster Support Project, Flood Appeal Victim Fund, UK 1999.

1999 – Sewing and packet manufacturing Training. Social Welfare Dept, GoB

2001 – Training on Poultry, by LGD, Munshigonj District.

2002 – Hygiene and Sanitation Project, LIFE/UNDP 2002.

2004 – Hygiene and Sanitation Project, LIFE/UNDP 2004.

2004 – Hygiene and Sanitation Project, Ten Dollars club, Washington DC, USA

2004 -2006: Campaign for raising critical awareness on human rights of urban poor especially targeting women and children Project, MJF, 1st phase

2005 – Micro Finance Program, Onneyshan own fund.

2006 – BRAC School program, 5 Unions of Louhajong, Munshigonj district

2006 – 2009: Campaign for raising critical awareness on human rights of urban poor especially targeting women and children Project, MJF, 2nd Phase.

2007 – Member of Bill campaign group. Project name- Raising people’s voice for CARP & Climate Justice. Support by: CSRL, Oxfam-GB, and Lead NGO USS-Jessore.

2010 – VGD Program, Chandpur district, Department of Women Affairs

2011-2014 – Maternity Allowance for lactating mothers – DWA

2010 – 2011 : Campaign for raising critical awareness on human rights of urban poor especially targeting women and children Project, MJF, 3rd Phase

2012-2014 – VGD Program, Munshigonj District, DWA

2012-2013: Campaign for raising critical awareness on human rights of urban poor especially targeting women and children Project (Extension period of the 3rd phase).

2013-2016: Improvement of Livelihood Condition through Access to Khas Land and Water Bodies by Landless People.Funded by Manusher Jonno Foundation of DFID.

2015- Basic Literacy Program (BLP) Primary selected for Three Upazila in Munshiganj District. The project contains 900 NFE centre per upazila 300 centre of Louhajong,Sirajdikhan and Tongibari in Munshiganj District. Total learner of the project will be 18,000 people.

Executive Committee

Onneyshan has a seven member EC committee headed by President. In the committee there are VP, GS, Organizing Secretary, Finance Secretary and two members. According to the constitution an EC meeting is held once in a quarter. If needed, the meeting can be held earlier. All policies, plans and activates of organization must be approved by the Executive Committee prior to implementation.


According to constitution a yearly general meeting takes place. In this meeting executive place an annual activity report of the organization. This report reflects activities of the different projects of the organization. In this meeting external audit report also regularly submitted for discussion and approval. Annual Generating Meeting also gives approval to Annual Activity Plan of the organization

SL. No Name Designation Qualification Profession Address
01. Advocate Simu Anwar President M.A, L.L.B Social Activist Chirtayan 336/3 TV Road, East Rampura, Dhaka-1209.
02. Dr. Dibalok Singha Vice President M.D (Medicine) NGO Executive House#741, Road#09, BAHS, Adabor, Dhaka-1207.
03. Mitali Nusrat Perveen General Secretary M.S.C Social Activist 308/1 Sen Para Parbata, Dhaka-1000.
04. Hasinul Islam Chowdhury Organizing Secretary MSS Self Service 11/A, R#01, Cantonment R/A, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka.
05. Khandaker Irshad Mahmud Finance Secretary M.Com Service House#1023, East Monipur, Dhaka-1216.
06. Salina Ahmed Member BA, B.ED Teacher 383/2 Khilgoan, Block-A, Road-14, Dhaka.
07. Dr. Anisur Rahaman Siddiqui Do MBBS. MPH. PG Dip. in Health Economics Consultant, WHO SOUTH-EAST ASIA. 130 C/1A, Naem Road, Dhanmondi,Dhaka-1205,