(Save wild life, nature & Human Development)
Establishment date of this organization : 23rd March 1984.


Name of the Organization : Peoples Movement for Environment & Social Development.
Head office : Bagmamud Ali Road, P.O. Munshiganj-1500

Upazila & Dist. Munshiganj.
Tel: 02-7612571
Mobile: ED/01715983774
Press Ph.Rep: 01913560175
Co-ordinator: 01919490012


Chief Adviser : Prof. Dr. Showrabuddin Sarker (Retd.)

Former Prof. Zoology Dept. DU.

Adviser : Prof. Dr. Md. Nazrul Islam (Retd)

Former Chairman Virology Dept.


Chief Engineer Md. Enamul Haq (Rtd.)

Prof. Dr. Rashid –e- Mahbub (Rtd.)

Official President –Md. Younus Miea B.A. (Hon’s), M.A.

Former: Principal, Govt. College
Executive Director: Md. Al- Masud, B.Sc.

Upozila Co-ordinator: Mr. Shakwar Kumar B.Sc.
Upazila: Munshiganj Sadar.
Upozila Co-ordinator: Md. Hafizur Rahman B.Sc
Tongibari Upozila.
Upozila Co-ordinator : Md. Golam Mostafa B.Sc.
Gazaria Upazila

Upozila co-ordinator: Sree Proholad Chandra Bhonik (B.Sc)
Sree Nagar Upozila.
Upozila co-ordinator: Md. Mojibor Rahman, B.Sc.
Sherajdikhan Upzila.


*Doing the all kinds for conferring good future of the Wild animals.

*Doing the works for preserving the natural Environment so that the situation of the world is not lost fitness of living man & other animals.

*Doing the works with our best for saving the Distressed & alertness men whose are illiterate for development of their social status.

*To do publicity against smoking & intoxicating, create conscious regarding infection & infection disease in respect of Peoples and young generation & keep them free from smoking & intoxicating.

*Try to advance the Children in the Primary Education, Agriculture Science & Technical education due to aim of taking education to remove the unemployment and to increase the production.

*To make alert the all ages peoples of Munshiganj District not to smoke & not to use intorxicant.

*We make alert the peoples to save them free from the inflection diseases i.e. STD, HIV/AIDS & LIVER SEROSIS.

Project Details/Activities
  1. Work for preservation of wild life & Nature all over the Bangladesh. Working for saving the life diversity of the river Padma, Meghna & Ishamoti.
  2. The nearest area of the District, in bank of the river Dhaleshwari, A Clinker Factory is established and from this factory, the flying Ash is blowing day-night 24 hours. We are trying to make understand the peoples of the dense population village Panchsar Union regarding of chest diseases & create them conscious in respect.

Information of co-operator organization of board & abroad:

a) The Co-operator organization of board W.B.B. Trust, 14/3/A Jaforabad, Reyerbazar, Dhaka-1207.

b) The Co-operator organization of abroad: CIDA, Canada.

Office in Bangladesh: Baridhara, Dhaka Metropolition.

Amount of allotment for current financial year in the Munshiganj District:

  1. 48,000/- is allotted for the Munshiganj District for the financial year of 2015-2016.

Information in respect of registrationof the organization:

  1. a) Registration No. MU 02343, Issued by:

Department of Social welfare, Munshiganj District, Date: 15/10/2003.

  1. b) Registration No. 1975, Issued by Buresu of

N.G.O, Bangladesh, Date: 27/10/2004


Md. Al-Masud
Executive Director
People Movement for Environment
Bagmamudali Road, P.O. Munshiganj- 1500
Dist. Munshiganj.

More Details

Description of Praiseworthy work of the organization:

01. From the beginning in the year of 1984, there is a free from hunting wandering center for the Migratory birds of winter season situated on the bank of the river Meghna (Wet land), Kalichar, Union Adhaara under Munshiganj Sadar District.

02. From 1990, this organization created fearless forest by its own financial ability in the area of this District for wild cat, jackal, Bengal Monitor, Monkey, Lauttra Lauttra, local birds for wandering & living. This organization released 15 wild cat in various jungle.

03. The student member of this organization rescues a  PYTHON MOLURUS of 9ft long, 10 kg wt. from a pool of village-panchashar, Sadar Upazila in the month of March, 2012. At present the snake is in released in the Bangabandhu Safari Park at Bagerbari, Gazipur.